I love you, Stranger.

Can dreams never get real? Will I always yearn for it to be a reality when there’s nothing which can bring it to actuality? 

I dream of you every night. Are you written only in my dreams? I don’t know who you are, but yet I know a lot about you. You’re the one who caresses my cheeks when my eyes let a shower, unable to happily accept the fact that I have someone. You’re the one who jumps in the cold river with me and then plant your lips on mine and I frantically falling for you again. You’re the one with whom I share life and talk about it sitting on the roof top, adoring the stars and wondering we would be there in the sky together. We would die together. But our love wouldn’t. I don’t really know what I did to fall for you this crazily and finding you as my lover. I never knew about anyone to be insanely mad after me, yet being so solicitous. You promised to stay forever. But now all I’m yearning for is to bring this dream to actuality. I love you, stranger.

~Snigdha :”)

Picture stolen from : Pinterest. 

My Instagram page : @fantasist_and_scribler. 


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