Hello, fellow WordPress users! My name is Snigdha and I’m an immature teenage scribbler. Well, right now I ain’t sure whether I can tag myself as a writer, a poet or an ordinary person writing about random things that hit my brain at very point. I ain’t sure how good my English is actually as it has never been and is not my first language either. Having a good hand at writing English isn’t actually a scribbler’s thing. I mean like, you don’t have to be a professional to tell a story. Everyone’s a story teller. The only difference we find is that, some find it difficult to narrate in OTHER’S language. Anyways, its going too far from my description :P. I am a person who strongly believes in love, though I haven’t experienced it yet. Well, Nothing! I cannot just sacrifice my sleeps and be an inomniac person :/ Nope, but seriously. My sleep is more important than every other thing in my life. Rather than experiencing things in reality, which will take you nowhere; dream! That’s the best one can do for himself. And then if you believe in yourself, there’s no one driving you away from it.

Food is something I live for. It gives me happiness ;P. There isn’t anything that gives me more happiness than sleeping, eating and writing. Writing, yes! First thing you must’ve found sensible in the past few sentences. I love reading in my free hours. Mystery, Chicklit, drama, humor, fanfictions and ScienceFictions are the genres I adore. Apart from this, I hate cliche’, romance and werewolf genres. I don’t know but I just hate them.

Watching American TV series is my piece of owning Pizza. AND, oh yeah! I love Pizza! What I want my life to be : Watch latest series all day + Coffee + Pizza later + Doodling = Perfect COMBO ;D

I love listening to english songs, more than songs that belong to my own language. Martin Garrix, Charlie Puth and Daft Punk are loves ❤

I had thought to make this a very quick introduction of myself as its the start to my Blog! I know I created this a while back but hadn’t posted anything anytime. So this is a fresh. I hope you’ll definately love the posts I create and would make a deserving place for myself in this Site.


~Snigdha :v


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