A girl steps out of a coffee shop. She’s been waiting for someone who had promised to come.

A man clears his nose who’s been suffering from Sinus ever since he knew to breathe. Life is tough.

An old woman smiles back at a young girl who was too happy to get the 5 rupee coin. She’ll get something to eat.

A 15 year old just finished typing a long love proposal to the love of his life. 5 years later, he regrets and laughs on his foolishness. The love laughed 5 years back. Maturity strikes at different hours.

A 25 year old breaks down out of walking and sweating in search of a job. It was the seventeenth declination. He wants to cry before his mother.

A 30 year old woman goes through pain but all of it vanishes when she laid her eyes on her baby.
The baby was yearning to see his mother ever since he was a zygote. He misses her mother as much as the 25 year old, wants to cry in his mother’s lap. The safest place to cry.

A teenager finishes writing a blog, with the hope that her first blog post would do wonders. It’s a disaster but whoever said, wonders originate from a disaster; deserves a Keventer’s milkshake from me.


#1 Review of “Everyone has a story” by Savi Sharma 

Hola, fellow bloggers! First post, eh? Yes! So, its my first post and as nothing exciting just happened in my life, so that I could make an interesting blog post, I decidefd to give the review of this Amazing book ‘Everyone has a story’ by an Indian author Savi Sharma. This was perhaps the first debut novel of Savi which turned out to be a huge success.

The story holds two main characters : Meera and Vivaan being the female and male protagonist respectively. Meera has always been influenced by writers and story tellers listening to them every weekend in a coffee shop. She was so greatly influenced, that she desired to pen her story. She wondered, how could some people (writers) be able to frame someone else’s life? How do they even create up their characters and their characteristics? One day, she meets this guy named Vivaan, the male protagonist. Everything he wanted in life was traveling. That was what he lived for. As Meera was in search of her story, she discovered herself penning about the traveler she met in the cafe. Time changes and they eventually turn out to be good friends. Unwittingly, Meera finds herself to befallen for Vivaan but wasn’t really sure about his feeling towards her.

One fine day when Meera finally decides to let everything out about her feelings, Vivaan is missing from the Town. As Meera and her friends discovered, he quit his job and flew to travel. He escaped. Yet, again. Meera was shattered. With time, she gathered her strewn feelings and eventually turns herself to a happy person. She had her friends to keep her and provide her with everything one could have asked for. Days later, Meera gets back to her story and decides to Publish it.

One the other hand Vivaan was confused. He knew he loved Meera but the same case as in, was not sure about her feelings towards him. Two Cross’d lovers : maybe fate was challenging them. Vivaan traveled everywhere he wanted to and finally realized he should return back to India. Return back to Meera , he thought.

This is how the two cross’d lovers met. In the end, the confessed and feeling was mutual. This is what Fate wanted!. Meera turns out to be a published author soon, having Vivaan as hers.

The story is inspiring in every way! A must read for every book lover and yes, its not at all cliché.